Blender for CAD Environments

Welcome to the official website of mechanical blender

a fork of Blender focused on cad utils developement.

  • ★ We are mechanical engineers

    So it's developed having in mind what a cad user should expect!

  • ★ Productivity

    Do things fast, with control, and in a simple way!

  • ★ Always in sync

    Blender grows fastly, so the sources will be keep in sync with blender master once a week.

  • ★ Built-in features

    All features are built-in. This ensures all things are working properly with no 3rd parties dependencies

  • ★ Open Source

    Own the software you use to create your designs and keep it close to them!

  • ★ ...currently on development

    Feel free to give your comments about changes and add your feature requests!